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Harvest Totes — Produce Crates

Specialized Fruit & Vegetable Harvesting Baskets

Proudly Made in the USA   //   US Patent No. D718533S   //   Dealers Wanted!

Produce Crate Dealers Wanted!

Designed by a Farmer, for Farmers.

Our patented Harvesting Tote is a cost-effective, light-weight and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fruit and vegetable harvesting totes. Developed by a family orchard owner with over 30 years of farming experience, our crates were specifically made to help keep produce harvesting simple. They are stackable when full, and easily nested when empty. Our totes are proudly molded and manufacured in Minnesota, and are available to customers throughout the world. Our produce baskets are made from a high-density polypropylene plastic (HDPP) which makes them more durable and easier to clean than traditional baskets.

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$12 / each + Shipping & Handling
Please Order in Multiples of Ten
Discounted Rates for Orders of 50+
Wholesale / Dealer Pricing Available


Dimensions:   16" X 13.3" X 12"
Volume:   1900 cubic inches
Bushel:   9/10 bushel
Weight:   2.75 lbs.
Color:   Black *

* Other colors available via special order.

Product Advantages:

Made in the USA Patented Product GAP Compliant